Epic: “Traditional Divide Between PlayStation and Xbox Owners Doesn’t Need to be There”


According to Epic Games’ CEO and co-founder Tim Sweeney, cross-platform play across all platforms is in everyone’s interest.

Epic’s Fortnite currently supports cross-play between almost all platforms, except between Xbox and PlayStation. In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Sweeney said that he believes that this hindrance could eventually harm the game industry, and that the ‘traditional’ split between Xbox and PlayStation gamers doesn’t have to exist.

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“With a game like Fortnite, in middle schools you have classrooms who play together,” Sweeney told Rolling Stone. “That traditional divide between PlayStation and Xbox owners doesn’t need to be there.”

While Microsoft has stated to be open for cross-platform play between Xbox One and PlayStation 4, it’s Sony who has been preventing it from happening up to this point.

"I have a real struggle making comments about their motivation or timelines", Xbox head Phil Spencer said last year. "I know there is a certain view that says if my friends have this console, they can’t play with people who buy another console. That’s a reason they go buy my console. That reason is not going to go away. So we’re putting Minecraft out there as one of the biggest games on any platform and allowing people to play together regardless of what device they bought. I don’t think everybody is taking that same approach to the ecosystem. So I’m never going to call anything a lost cause but I think some of the fundamental reasons and certain scenarios, they’re not really going away. So I don’t know what would change"

Baby steps are being taken however, and Sweeney told Rolling Stone that Epic has been in talks with Sony. While he declined to go into, he noted that he believes that change is inevitable.

Fortnite is available now for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, iPhone, and soon on Android as well.