Enable iOS 9 Picture-In-Picture Mode For YouTube Videos On iPad – How To

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Here's how you can enable iOS 9 Picture-in-Picture view mode for YouTube videos on iPad.

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With the release of iOS 9 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, Apple surprised everyone with a bunch of new features. But there are some features that are exclusive to Apple's tablet, such as the new Split View, Slide Over and of course, Picture-in-Picture view mode. The last feature allows you to detach a video from its player and view it anywhere system-wide in iOS 9, absolutely negating the need to be inside one specific app. But oddly enough, not all apps have been updated to support iOS 9's Picture-in-Picture feature just yet, with YouTube being one of them. If you want to enable Picture-in-Picture for YouTube videos, then here's what you need to do.

Enable iOS 9 Picture-In-Picture Mode For YouTube Videos On iPad

1. Download and install the official YouTube app from the App Store (direct link.)

2. Open any video which you want to view in Picture-in-Picture mode right within the official YouTube app you just downloaded.

3. With the video now playing, tap on the 'Share' button in the official YouTube app and copy the link for the video.

4. Now open the following link in Safari: ctrlq.org/youtube/pip and paste the YouTube video link in the text field and then tap on the 'Go' button next to it.

5. Your video will now start playing, simply tap on the 'Picture-in-Picture' button in the player and you're all set to view your favorite cat videos on top of that oh-so important Pages document that you're working on.


While the above mentioned steps are a good workaround, but we don't see it fit as a permanent solution just yet. After all, jumping between apps just to achieve the PiP effect is a pain to go through for some users, but still, it's better than nothing, and works exactly as it should.

We're hopeful that Google would eventually update its official YouTube app for iPad to support the newfound Picture-in-Picture feature in iOS 9, allowing users to watch videos on top of any app they so wish. Till then, you have to make do with the above mentioned workaround.

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