Elite: Dangerous Race to Elite Competition Winners Announced

Jeff Williams

Another example of how to make a little bit of cash from playing video games well. This time, however, one has to have a pretty good understanding of Newtonian physics and an abundance of curiosity to take home the first prize. The winners of the Elite: Dangerous Race to Elite competition have been announced, with one individual making £10,000.

Elite: Dangerous
Elite: Dangerous
Elite: Dangerous
Elite: Dangerous

Winner's of the most dangerous race in the galaxy, the Elite: Dangerous Race to Elite competition, where players raced to acquire the Elite status first, have been announced.

The grand prize of £10,000 was awarded to an individual known as Onepercent in the game. He was the first to play the game enough to reach the coveted Triple Elite status, which meant a lot of hours spent trading, killing and exploring. In total he visited 10,342 star systems, killed 9,032 different individuals and traded 835,410 tonnes of assets across a total of 180,588 light years played for 1,029 hours. That is no mean feat by any means. His efforts paid off, however.

There are some decidedly impressive stats by other players, as well. Commander Tequila was the winner of the exploration Elite status prize having traveled more than 190,000 light years and visiting 7,697 unique systems. Commander Fromtonrouge racked up the highest kill count to take home the combat Elite status prize with 8,567 kills. Very nice!

Back in December of 2014 Frontier Developments announced that they were going to be awarding players of Elite: Dangerous who made it to the Elite rank in either one or all three of the disciplines that one can participate in while playing Elite: Dangerous. There was a surprising amount of money at stake, here, with £1,000 for the first person to obtain the Elite status in first in each separate category and £10,000 to be awarded to the individual who's first to reach the Triple Elite status, having Elite in all three simultaneously.

It was an interesting way to promote the release of their new space sim, but it apparently did indeed bring in a lot of good press and new players to explore the galaxy that Frontier Developments made.

Did anyone here try to participate in their challenge? Anyone also have some impressive stats they'd like to share with us? My pilot hasn't been to nearly as many star systems, nor am I very good in a dog fight yet. But that doesn't detract from how great and immersive the game can be.


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