An Elden Ring PC Exploit Is Crashing the Game and Forcing Players in an Infinite Deathloop Afterwards


An Elden Ring PC exploit is reportedly crashing the game and forcing players in an infinite death loop afterward.

Numerous PC players on social media are reporting to have been affected by the exploit, where hackers will corrupt the player’s save file while invaded in the game’s PvP mode. Initially, these hackers are said to crash the game, and when the game is reloaded, the player’s character is said to be constantly falling to their death, thereby creating an infinite death loop. As such, PC players playing online are advised to make a backup of their save game (C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\EldenRing). Of course, another solution is to disable the game’s online mode for the time being.

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On the Elden Ring subreddit, several players have reported being affected by this issue, although a user who goes by the name ‘Draiganedig’ writes that he has discovered a temporary workaround by quickly pressing both Alt + F4 to force close the game just before your character dies. We’ve included this fix down below:

That being said, and although I'm not on PC, I may have a potential solution for those affected by the hack:

Every time your game loads, you'll get a split second before your "death", and you must use it to press Alt + F4. This closes the game and allows you more time when you re-log back in to open your map.

When you re-login, open your map using whatever key it's bound to (It's the touchpad on the PS5), press the button that opens the list of available Sites of Grace (Triangle on PS5, Y on Xbox) and spam your confirm button (X on PS5, A on Xbox).

If done correctly, you should teleport safely to a Site of Grace. Back up any future saves just in case the hacks get more sophisticated.

It will undoubtedly take many tries and a lot of frustration to get it right, but I believe it's the only current possible fix. Unfortunately it's either that, or Try fingers, but hole.

Let’s hope that FromSoftware and publisher Bandai Namco will quickly find a way to address this troubling exploit.

Elden Ring is available globally now for PC and consoles.

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