Elden Ring Concept Art Leaker Provides New Details on Leaked Trailer, Locations and More

Elden Ring

After a very long time, we finally managed to get a real look at From Software's Elden Ring this week, thanks to a leaked trailer. Following the leak, the Chinese content creator who leaked some of the game's concept art back in December 2020 shared a new video providing some additional details on the game.

According to Longqi Bangbangtang, the trailer is quite old, possibly from 2019, and it was only meant for internal use, just like the Project Beast leaked trailer that provided the first proper look at Bloodborne. The trailer's narrator is one of the Elden Ring's NPC that is voiced by the same voice actor of Patches, one of the recurring characters in the Souls series.

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Longqi Bangbangtang also revealed some additional information in the kingdoms seen in the Elden Ring leaked trailer, the giant tree that he did mention in a previous leak, and bosses. As they have been designed before regular enemies, they will not look any different than they do in the leaked trailer, but their location may change. This also seems to suggest that regular enemies will feature a different design, which is not too surprising, considering they look quite generic in the leaked trailer.

You can find a summary of the new Elden Ring information revealed by Longqi Bangbangtang below, courtesy of Reddit user GeoOwell.

  • That giant tree is the world tree he mentioned before, but it is only located in a certain kingdom and is not used to connect the whole world like the new God of war.

  • The narrator of the trailer is an NPC in the game, and he shares the same voice actor with Patches.

  • The castle at the beginning of the trailer is located in one kingdom, and the snow scene at the end is located in another kingdom. The character standing in the night is similar to the xanthous king.

  • Giant who pulling a wagon is a reference to the Green man in Celtic mythology. That wagon must be pulled by these giants to move.

  • The scene where the giant head is located may be a reference to Muspelheim in Norse mythology.

  • Given that FS designed the bosses and the maps firstly, and designed the NPC and the player then, so the appearance of the bosses supposed not to change, but the location may change (In Project Beast, daughter of the cosmos appeared in the church)

  • This trailer is very old, from 2020 or even 2019. The game will be released this year, and the final product won't look like this trailer, please trust Miyazaki.

Elden Ring is currently in development for PC and consoles. A release date has yet to be confirmed.

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