EKWB Adds The EK-AIO 280 D-RGB To Its Ever Expanding Line Of AIO Coolers – Features A Milky Whtie RGB Aesthetic

Alex Casas

EKWB has long been known as the premier manufacturer of custom loop parts, but as of recent, they have expanded into the all in one water cooler sector of the cooling solutions market. The latest addition to EK's expanding AIO lineup is the EK-AIO 280 D-RGB. After seeing the success of the EK-AIO D-RGB lineup, it was only right they added the fourth and final piece to the lineup with a 280mm variant.

The 280mm Variant Of The EK-AIO D-RGB Lineup Offers Unrivaled Flexibility With Many Features

The 280mm variant is a flexible option that can fit in many different cases. The EK-AIO 280 D-RGB is a cooling option that can sufficiently cool any mainstream processors. This can help cool an overclocked system and can also change on a dime to cool an ultra-silent system. The AIO features a robust SPC style pump that can quickly and efficiently get the coolant to the processor and back through the radiator. It is a great performer compared to other options in the AIO cooling market. The pump housing is large, housing a powerful and efficient pump system as well as maintaining silent operation.

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As well as having an excellent pump, the housing features a frosted cover that diffuses the integrated addressable D-RGB LEDs. The radiator is made of high-grade 27mm thick aluminum and has a fin density of 19 fins per inch. The radiator has a sleek black finish and utilizes all of the spaces it takes up. On top of the radiator goes 2 EK-Vardar S 140ER Fans. The fans are the ultimate counterpart for the AIO as they were purpose-built for radiators. They feature a milky colored 7-blade rotor design that diffuses D-RGB LEDs. It is optimized for high-pressure operation as well as near-silent operation.

The EK-AIO 280 D-RGB is a solid option made by one of the best in the cooling solution market and is currently available for preorder on the EKWB Webstore for $134.99.

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