Edge Case Games, Developer of Fractured Space, Acquired by Wargaming; Will Work on an MMO


GamesIndustry has revealed today that British independent studio Edge Case Games, known as the developer of the sci-fi free-to-play MOBA Fractured Space, has been acquired by Wargaming and will now work on an unannounced free-to-play MMO for the Belarussian company.

Wargaming UK product director Sean Decker said:

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We are extremely happy to be working with Edge Case Games. Wargaming and Edge Case Games have been looking for a way to partner for years. They have a great background that fits with Wargaming's future plans in new games - they have built and run free-to-play, vehicle-based MMOs, built on the Unreal tech stack.

We plan to grow the team over the next year to the size needed to build and run a world-class F2P MMO, while continuing to work with other Wargaming teams, such as our Sydney studio.

In hindsight, this was quite obvious. Two months ago, Wargaming opened a new office in Guildford, which is also where Edge Case Games is based. Last month, on the other hand, the developer of Fractured Space announced that there would be no further development done on the game.

The acquisition of Edge Case increases the number of employees in Wargaming's new Guildford office by 32, bringing it to a total of 55. As mentioned above by UK product director Sean Decker, we can expect this number to grow in the future.

Stay tuned for more on this currently unannounced project.