EC-series mouse developed by Zowie Gear.

Zowie Gear in cooperation with the legendary Counter-Strike 1.6 player Emil 'HeatoN' Christensen have developed a new series of gaming mice named EC-Series.

Emil has taken all of his gaming experience into account when creating the best competitive gaming mice on the market, the EC-series so that players can get a comfortable experience in games.

The EC-series consist of two mouse, EC1 and EC2 which are available in two different shapes and two different colors. The EC1 is a normal sized mouse while the EC2 is 5% smaller.

It took the guys 12 months to complete the gaming mice and here are the features they offer:

  • 100% stable mouse for competitive gaming
  • Optimized optical lens, designed by ZOWIE
  • Lowest lift-off distance of any optical mouse
  • Ergonomic right hand design
  • 3 levels of DPI adjustment; 500/1000/2000 DPI
  • True 1000Hz - no drivers needed
  • Improved mouse wheel system, using an optical encoder (Expected 5 years durability)


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