Echo Show 5 Smart Display with Alexa is Currently Just $69

Uzair Ghani

You can instantly save $20 on a brand new Echo Show 5 smart display with built-in Alexa, bringing the price down to just $69 for a limited time.

Echo Show is the Best Way to Interact with Alexa and Your Smart Home with a Built-in 5.5-inch Display, Now Just $69 for a Limited Time

Amazon’s Alexa is available in wide range of devices these days. From smart speakers to headphones, you’re just a hotword away from getting things done. But, once you pair Alexa with a display, things get even better as an entire world of possibilities open up. This means you get a visual reply to everything you ask for, including the possibility to watch movies, music videos, TV shows and more.

One such device with a built-in display and Alexa is the Echo Show 5. To start with, it’s quite cheap at just $89, but right now it’s even cheaper at $69, saving you $20 instantly.

Featuring a 5.5-inch display, the Echo Show 5 lets you interact with Alexa in a wide variety of ways. Want to have a quick look at your smart home setup? You can do that. Want to see who’s at the front door? Just ask Alexa. Want to watch a movie or TV show? That’s possible here too. Essentially, it’s the best form of Alexa and one which everyone should have at home, especially if you have a smart home setup going around.

You can pair the device with music services like Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify etc. allowing you to play your favorite tune instantly.

This deal exists for a limited time only and applies to both the Charcoal and Sandstone color options.

Buy Echo Show 5 – stay connected and in touch with Alexa - Charcoal - Was $89, now just $69

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