EA Play 2020 May Deliver Apex Legends Crossplay and Next-Gen News and a Big Surprise


EA Play Live 2020 drops tomorrow, but what exactly will the publisher show us during their big E3 replacement show? No way to say for sure, but VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubb has shared some “educated guesses” about what to expect from the show. Take these rumors with a grain of salt, but given Grubb’s solid track record, make it a sprinkle rather than a full dash. I’ve broken the rumors down into a series of hand-dandy bullet points…

  • Of course, it’s already been confirmed that we’ll see first gameplay of the recently-announced Star Wars: Squadrons at the show.
  • It seems like Apex Legends will also be a major focus of EA Play 2020. According to Grubb, crossplay will likely be announced, as well as ports for both next-gen consoles and the Nintendo Switch. Season 5 of Apex Legends will be wrapping up in around a month, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear a bit about the next season as well.
  • The already-leaked EA Sports UFC 4 will be confirmed for this year.
  • Expect a variety of EA Originals announcements. Hazelight’s Josef Fares has specifically mentioned he will be showing something new, but we will likely also see Fe developer Zoink’s new game Lost in Random, and something from new start-up Velan Studios (they were founded by former Vicarious Visions execs).
  • Grubb reiterates that rumored Mass Effect Trilogy “HD Remake” is still coming this year, but he also plays down the possibility that we’ll see it tomorrow, hinting BioWare may entirely skip EA Play.
  • Finally, expect “at least one surprise” from the show.

EA Play Live 2020 kicks off tomorrow (June 18) at 4pm PT. What potential reveals are you most excited about? I’m definitely interested to see what Star Wars: Squadrons looks like in action, and after the excellent No Way Out I’m definitely on board for whatever Josef Fares cooks up next.

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