EA Outlines Future of Star Wars License, Planning Star Wars Battlefront Sequels, Might Cover Prequel Era

EA seems to be settling into the exclusive IP partnership with Disney and LucasFilm quite nicely. Star Wars Battlefront, as we know, is only the beginning of what will be at least a 10 year deal to produce games, and EA has outline how they feel about Star Wars and how and where they plan on finding the inspiration for the future of the Star Wars franchise.

EA finding motivation in the movies for more Star Wars games.

Their first attempt has been a very widely criticized one, both positively and negatively. But the revival itself has been long in the waiting, something that fans of the franchise itself have wanted for some time. Though there are no immediate plans for a space simulator, arguably the most wanted by fans, they will be making many more games.

Speaking to GameSpot, the CFO, Blake Jorgensen, was able to talk a little about the general direction they're going to take and where the motivation for stories for the various games they'll have, will come from.

“Our goal is to make future Battlefront games as well as other style games around the Star Wars franchise, both on mobile as well as console and PC. It's a huge opportunity for us."

The only hope is that those other genres they wish to create also include a new take on a simulator of some kind. Even though X-wing Alliance was not the most well received, X-wing VS TIE Fighter was, and continues to be, a premier example of story-based science-fiction space simulation.

"The beauty of the Star Wars franchise is it's almost unlimited in what you can do with it. We know Disney has done a great job with other franchises and we believe they'll do the same with Star Wars over time in delivering new worlds, new characters, new vehicles, all the things that make great video games."

That might mean that even the Legends content from the former Extended Universe could make an appearance, despite not necessarily being canon. Some of those stories are particularly enthralling, and if done correctly could be enjoyable to play through as well. He did further explain that while the idea is not to make a playable movie, they want to find inspiration from within those movies to create new games.

“Our goal is not to make video games directly about the movies – it's to use the IP in the movie to make great, exciting games."

He also went on about how particular Star Wars, as a franchise, is. That going outside the very strict bounds can might spell disaster. But they appreciate that.

"You can't do something counter to Star Wars and that's fine with us because I think that's why people love Star Wars.”

So this is only the beginning indeed. With Amy Hennig's upcoming game and Jade Raymond all but confirmed to be helping direct and produce another game within yet another genre, the future is looking bright. Certainly brighter than it has ever.

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