EA CEO: We’re Looking at Key Franchises to Deliver Cross-Platform Play Similarly to Fortnite

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During the latest investors call after this quarter's earnings report, EA CEO Andrew Wilson spoke (transcript via Seeking Alpha) about the company's plans to investigate cross-platform play for key franchises in the near future, after Fortnite's success paved the way for it.

In terms of cross-platform play, again we are seeing the same thing. And remember, we have a vision on a 3- to 5-year time horizon where a great portion of game experience will exist in the cloud and be pushed to every device you own. And the game experience you have won't be measured by local CPU or GPU but will be measured by screen size and session time you have, and will drive tremendous liquidity in the market – in a player base. And I think we are to deliver very different types of experiences as a result of a cloud gaming offering.

In the near term, you should also appreciate that we're looking at key franchises in terms of how we could deliver cross-platform players in a similar way that Fortnite has, especially some of the titles have a broad and diverse player base. Households typically have one console, so the ability to bring PC to console and console to mobile into that play experience can bring families together, can bring friends together. And we think it's an important part of our future development profile both in terms of mobile games that we have today moving up per se to console and PC, and console and PC games being playable in mobile. And so, I expect more from us on that front in the future.

Wilson noted that this could be a particular fit for titles that have a "broad and diverse player base". This could certainly be the case for sports titles, for example.

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