EA Exec: Xbox One is “Catching Up Quickly” to PS4 on Sales Charts – Thanks to the Great Pricing Strategy

Fahad Arif

After all the hardships Microsoft has been through while working to put its latest Xbox One video game console on the forefront, the manufacturer is now finally taking a secure position on the sales charts against Sony’s pertinent PlayStation 4 console that everybody seems to prefer over anything. While there is still a fairly large gap to cover, Electronic Arts thinks it won’t be long before Xbox One comes straight on the charts as it is “catching up quickly” to the PlayStation 4, and the recent $50 price drop and the value-focused Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty bundles are helping it doing so.

Xbox One is "Catching Up Quickly" to the PlayStation 4 in Terms of Sales, Says EA Exec - Thanks to $50 Price Drop and Low-Cost Console Bundles

Revising its policies and listening to fans’ feedback has apparently worked out for Microsoft, as the company is now going fairly fine with its latest Xbox One console on the sales charts, disregard all the resolution-gate issues and the console’s incapability to run most of the latest games at next-gen standards. Video game publisher are also somewhat responsible, and have a large stake in the success of hardware companies, so it looks like Electronic Arts is counting on the Xbox One to match its competitor on the sales charts and sell parallel to it.

In terms of the number of consoles shipped out to retailers, the latest figures show that Sony has trucked around 13.5 million PlayStation 4 consoles and Microsoft has moved around 10 million. Sony has, however, been way more successful in attracting consumers, as the company has apparently sold 10 million units through to consumers while Microsoft has sold at least 5 million Xbox One. Nevertheless, Electronic Arts thinks that Microsoft’s sales figures will grow quickly in coming times as the Xbox One is “catching up quickly” to the PlayStation 4, thanks to the recent $50 price drop and new low-cost Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty bundles.

According to Gamasutra, speaking during a presentation at the 2014 UBS Global Technology Conference, Electronic Arts’ chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen said:

"Clearly, Sony has jumped out to a lead with a great console and I think a great pricing strategy. But Microsoft is catching up quickly, and pricing actions that are taking place, particularly within this Christmas season, driven by Microsoft around reductions plus a lot of bundled software, I think will continue to help pull the consumer into the new consoles."

With Xbox One bouncing back, and PlayStation 4 climbing the sales charts, Jorgensen predicts that there will be "north of 25 million" combined Sony and Microsoft’s latest consoles in the open market after this holiday shopping season wraps up. Electronic Arts, of course, gains nothing on console sales, but more latest eighth generation video game systems in market does result in profits for the publisher. Jorgensen further said:

"I think [more Xbox One and PS4 sales] starts to minimize the headwind we've seen over the last couple of years of people slowing their purchasing on old consoles in anticipation of buying titles for the new console.”

Jorgensen also stated that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles have seen great success in their first year and both of the platforms have performed "well ahead of our expectations and I think most people in the industry's expectations." He added that both Sony and Microsoft have pushed their latest consoles well in major markets such as North America and Western Europe, and when you compare the sales of the latest consoles with their respective predecessors over the same time spawn, the eighth-gen consoles are performing 50-70 percent better.

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