EA DICE Acknowledges Battlefront’s Walker Assault Imbalance; Tweaking As We Speak


Yesterday EA DICE kicked off the open beta for Star Wars Battlefront on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. One of levels included in the beta, is the ‘Walker Assault’ mission on planet Hoth. Although the level is extremely iconic and exciting, the rebels seem to have a hard time actually winning the mission.

It would seem the odds are in the Empire’s favor, as the Empire’s AT-AT’s are truly powerful land units, while the Rebels don’t have access to land units. The Walker Assault mode puts up to 20 rebels players, and 40 empire players on the planet of Hoth. Having played a great numbers of missions, I can safely say that the mode needs some balancing – as a rebel you’ll need one hell of a team to win against the Empire.

On Reddit, fans are also complaining about the lack of rebels ground vehicles, uplink placement, and more. Luckily enough, the complaints have been recognized by DICE, and the developer has promised improved through a number of upcoming tweaks.

Lead multiplayer designer Dennis Brännvall, and level artist Daniel Cambrand, took to twitter to reassure Battlefront fans, that the team is making tweaks “as we speak” to make Walker Assault more balanced. Cambrand acknowledges that the beta is in favor of the imperial side at the moment. The team over at DICE is gathering data and feedback, and are learning a ton according Brännvall.

Brännvall adds that asymmetric modes are tricky and risky, but potentially awesome. According Brännvall the Assault Walker mode was picked, since DICE believed that this was the map that most players enjoy.

Let’s hope DICE does some tweaking before the Beta ends on Monday. Battlefront released on November 17th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.