E3 2014: id Software Teases Next Generation DOOM With Cyberdemon – Revealing at QuakeCon 2014

Hassan Mujtaba

After years of wait since the last Doom game, id Software has finally teased their next generation DOOM game at E3. The DOOM teaser trailer is as brutal as it gets which shows off one of the most classic bosses of the game and the entire FPS genre, Cyberdemon.Next Generation DOOM E3 2014 _1

Next Generation DOOM E3 2014 Teaser Trailer:

id Software Teases Next Generation DOOM With Cyberdemon

Its surprising that it has already been 10 years since the last DOOM game, Doom III which was released back in 2004. Bethesda did release the DOOM BFG edition last year but it was nothing more than a clone of the game with some new features. The new DOOM game which is being developed for next generation platforms which include the PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One is planned for full reveal at QuakeCon 2014 where Bethesda is also expected to make a special announcement regarding their own development project related to the Fallout universe.

The trailer is quite brief and doesn't give us any exact details but we can spot some hints of UAC (Union Aerospace Corporation) being involved as seen from the armor plating on the new Cyberdemon. The new design of the monster himself indicates that the game is not a sequel to any of the other titles in the franchise but rather a new reboot to the series which is great. While the original DOOM focused on the run and gun formula and laid the core foundation of the FPS genre as we know it, DOOM III adopted a much more story oriented design with core features that included horror, action and Sci-Fi themes. This resulted in one of the most immersive horror FPS game experience ever crafted. DOOM is also the founding father of the FPS genre where as its predecessor "Wolfenstein" which also saw an update last month in the form of Wolfenstein: The New Order is regarded as the godfather of FPS gaming. Any one who doesn't knows about DOOM in this age has missed an entire generation of evolution and progress of the gaming industry and even I started off with DOOM II as my first gaming title back in the 90s.

The Cyberdemon design while new sticks to the original style with a body that's covered in flesh, the demon horns rising from his head and the famous rocket launcher embedded to his left arm which blows away everything with a single shot (from DOOM II). The armor plating being from UAC may indicate that the company was experimenting on the creature or developing a prototype of cyber-genetic weapons which resulted in the creation of the monster itself. It was also nice to hear the legacy DOOM sounds from the game with the door opening and the shotgun reloading noise which felt real good, now this game only needs some of those good old metal tracks (E1M1, E1M8, E3M3) and the game would be set to rock.

We can't be sure on this but I am looking forward to hear more details from id at the QuakeCon 2014 conference. Following message is said during the teaser trailer:

"We were standing on the edge of discovery, a powerful technology with infinite possibilities. Instead we let them in, fused in a unholy union of flesh and metal, now this brave new world has gone to hell."

Next Generation DOOM Screenshots:
DOOM E3 2014 Doom Reveal Next Generation DOOM E3 2014 _7 Next Generation DOOM E3 2014 _10


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