Dynamic Island on the iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max Was the Result of Multiple Discussions That Happened Years Ago, Claim Apple Executives

Omar Sohail
Dynamic Island on the iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max Was the Result of Multiple Discussions That Happened Years Ago, Claim Apple Executives

Apple’s Dynamic Island is the company’s first significant design change in five years, with the last one being the notch that materialized on the iPhone X back in 2017. The company’s executives, including Senior Vice President of Software Engineering, Craig Federighi, talk about this change and how it originated in the latest interview.

Fresh Interview Shows No Apple Executive Truly Knows Where the Dynamic Island’s Idea Originated From

Japanese magazine Axis did an interview with some Apple executives that also included Vice President of Human Interface Design Alan Dye, as they discussed the biggest visual change arriving for the iPhone 14 series, the Dynamic Island. What is interesting about this interview is that when the question came around as to how this feature was decided in the final iteration of the iPhone 14 Pro’s and iPhone 14 Pro Max’s design, no one had the correct answer, as Dye said the following:

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“At Apple, it’s very difficult to trace the source of ideas. Because our work is based on a huge discussion with different groups of people. However, one of those discussions was that if the sensor area on the screen could be made smaller, what could be done with the surplus space? It’s not an argument that has come out in the past year or so, but it’s one of the topics that has been discussed for many years.”

It is possible that since many talks were had over multiple years with several people, it would have been difficult to pinpoint who actually thought of the Dynamic Island. However, the company had wanted to reduce the notch size for many years, and these executives would often contemplate how they could take advantage of this change without ruining the user experience. Federighi is the one to mention that the Dynamic Island is the biggest visual upgrade in half a decade, and if you look at the timeline of when the iPhone X launched, he is right.

“It's probably the first major operation change in five years since the iPhone X came out. Five years ago, we lost the home button with iPhone X. This has fundamentally reviewed various iPhone operation methods, such as how to unlock the lock screen, return to the Home Screen, and how to switch apps.

This new feature has also changed the appearance of the iPhone, and it made me think again about how to run multiple apps, notifications, and how to manage the ongoing behavior in the background. It was a very exciting challenge for us to consolidate what is happening on our iPhone into this small interactive place.”

For 2023, Apple will reportedly bring the Dynamic Island to all iPhone 15 models, giving an excellent opportunity for customers to try out the feature next year without spending excessive amounts of money. If you want to watch the entire interview, the video is given below, so have a look and share your thoughts.

News Source: Axis Magazine

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