Techland Adds New Heist Mode and Location To Dying Light With Content Drop #4 and #5


Techland released Content Drop #4 and #5 for Dying Light, their popular zombie game. Both are available now for free and add a new location and game mode, a new boss enemy and a limited time community bounty. Below you can find the official trailer for these updates and a few more details on the additions.

Dying Light 2 Free Update to Add a New Chapter, Enemies, Weapons, Photo Mode, and More

Content Drop #4 takes players to Prison Island -- a brand new location to discover. This isolated fortress is home to Prison Heist, a fresh game mode where you must break into the armory as fast as you can -- either solo or with friends in co-op. The faster you break in, the better the rewards. This is a time-attack mode designed for seasons players, so come prepared!

Content Drop #5, also available now, brings Sgt. Deathrow -- a previously unknown Demolisher mutation -- to Old Town. He’s bigger, stronger, and more unpredictable, but killing him gives you a monster shot of experience points.

Today is also the start of a brand new community bounty. In the Harran Egg Hunt, chase the zombified Easter Bunny and collect the eggs to unlock the magnificent Easter Outfit. Check out the in-game What’s New menu or go to http://dyinglightgame.com/bounties for details. The bounty ends on April 3rd.

Dying Light is also going to get a PvP focused standalone expansion. Titled Bad Blood and inspired by the exploding Battle Royale trend, it should launch later this year though there's no release date yet. However, a free global playtest is expected to be available shortly.

  • Rapid looting You and five other players are dropped into a hostile, zombie-infested area. Each of you has the same goal: to evacuate before the night falls. Use your parkour skills to swiftly traverse the city, scavenging for weapons that will give you an edge over your opponents. But remember, the clock is ticking.
  • Allies & traitors To pay for a seat on the extraction chopper, you need to harvest blood samples from the infected. Form dynamic alliances with other players to get tactical against formidable zombie bosses – and then turn on your allies to steal their samples. In a cruel set-up where everyone fights for the survival of the few, betrayal is not a question of “if”, but “when”.
  • Evacuation The more samples the players harvest collectively, the more seats are unlocked. But everyone pays for their seat individually, which means the alliances are short-lived and can easily end with a stab in the back. Make sure you have enough evacuation points once the chopper arrives, and don’t get killed as you race to the extraction zone.