Dying Light 2 Gets Double XP Weekend to Go with Update 1.3


Dying Light 2 was recently updated to version 1.3, which added the New Game Plus mode, a console Field of View slider, and a host of co-op and gameplay improvements. To celebrate the occasion, developer Techland has started a double XP weekend, though it'll only be the first of a series of so-called booster events.

Week 1: Double XP weekend - April 28 - May 2
Week 2: Trove of Crystals weekend - May 5 - 9
             (Better crystal cores in Dark Hollows)
Week 3: Blue Moon weekend - May 12 - 16
             (Enhanced night infection immunity and chemical resistance)
Week 4: Hypermode weekend - May 19 - 23
             (Enemies catapult into the air on impact)
Exploit the benefits of the Blue Moon and Hypermode weekends to have even more fun with the game thanks to extra strength and immunity!

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Just yesterday we published an exclusive interview with Dying Light 2 Lead Designer Tymon Smektala. Here's a couple of highlights.

Looking ahead, you’ve promised two story expansions, the first of which arrives in the coming months. Can you share any details on what to expect from that?

What I can say right now is that the first one runs parallel to the main story, so it can be started right after Aiden arrives in The City. Since it’s the first one out the gate, we didn’t want to force players to finish the game before they’d be able to have fun with it. I went through some of the speculations our community has expressed online, but I haven’t seen any of those theories get it right. So I hope that we’ll positively surprise people with this DLC.

Will the story DLC tie into the overall branching narrative? Will you be able to make choices that affect events outside of the DLC’s story?

Its story is centered around a specific place outside of the Villedor city limits. But of course, there will be some choices to make!

Some of the updates for the original Dying Light ventured into new genres and styles of play (the Hellraid DLC comes to mind). Is there anything similar planned for Dying Light 2 Stay Human? I recall you mentioned something about a survival mode during one of the Dying 2 Know shows.

We’ve promised 5 years of support so I expect a lot will happen in the universe of the game. I don’t want to go into specifics as of now, but the first year or two of post-launch content is us experimenting with different ideas, different models, and different types of content. We want to do it like this to see what our community wants and what they hit it off with.

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