Dual AMD EPYC Genoa 96-Core CPUs Score Over 110K Points In Cinebench R23 With Only 66% of Their Active Threads

AMD EPYC 9654 96-Core "Zen 4" CPU Pictured, Genoa Expected To Launch Alongside Ryzen 7000 "Raphael" Chips 1

Dual AMD EPYC Genoa CPUs rocking 96 cores each have been benchmarked in Cinebench R23 and show some insane performance numbers.

AMD EPYC Genoa 96-Core CPUs Benchmarked In Dual-Socket Config, Score Over 110K Points In Cinebench R23

The benchmarks of the AMD EPYC Genoa CPUs were once again published by YuuKi_AnS who not only benched the red team but the blue team too. For comparison, a dual Intel Xeon Platinum CPU configuration was used, based on the 8480+ SKU which is a top-of-the-line Sapphire Rapids-SP chip with 56 cores and 112 threads. However, one thing should be noted is that the user reports various errors on the Sapphire Rapids-SP 2S platform so the results may not be as close as the AMD parts in the same benchmark.

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The specific AMD EPYC Genoa SKU is not mentioned but it could either be the EPYC 9664 or the EPYC 9654 since both feature 96 cores, 192 threads, 384 MB of L3 cache, and a TDP that ranges between 360-400W (at base load).

AMD EPYC Genoa 96-core 2P CPUs have been tested in the Cinebench R23 benchmark. (Image Credits: YuuKi_AnS)

The performance was benchmarked within the Cinebench R23 benchmark. The Cinebench R23 CPU benchmark can only handle up to 256 threads and considering that there are two 96-core and 192-thread chips running on the platform for a total of 192 cores and 384 threads, only 66% of the CPU threads were active. Despite that, the AMD EPYC Genoa ES CPUs delivered over 110K points. This is a stock score and we can see that the chip boosted around 3.76 GHz though only when running a single-thread. In the single-core score, the chip scored 1302 points.

Intel Xeon Platinum 8480+ Sapphire Rapids-SP 2S CPUs have been tested in the Cinebench R23 benchmark. (Image Credits: YuuKi_AnS)

The Intel Xeon Platinum 8480+ with its 56 cores and 112 threads (112 cores and 224 threads in total) was only able to deliver 68548 points in the same benchmark. Considering the total thread count is under the 256-limit of Cinebench R23, there was no under-utilization of the platform but there are some issues with the score so the final performance has room for improvement.

For comparison with the AMD EPYC Genoa, we can use the recently benched Threadripper 5995WX 64-core CPU which scored an impressive 116142 points in Cinebench R23 with an LN2 overclock to 5.15 GHz. Also, in the same benchmark, the AMD EPYC Milan 7763 & 7773X deliver around 98,000 points in a dual-socket configuration. So we have the following breakdown:

AMD EPYC Genoa 96 Core ES CPU Benchmarks (Cinebench Multi-Core)
Threadripper 5995WX (64 x 1 LN2 OC)
EPYC Genoa ES (96 x 2 GNO)
EPYC 7773X (64 x 2 Milan-X)
EPYC 7763 (64 x 2 Milan)
Xeon Platinum 8280L (28 x 8 CSL-SP)
Xeon Platinum 8480+ ES (56 x 2 SPR-SP)
Xeon Platinum 8480 ES (56 x 2 SPR-SP)
Xeon Platinum 8380 (40 x 2 ICL-SP)

Even with an under-utilization, the AMD EPYC Genoa CPUs deliver a 12% boost over the Milan-X chips and we can expect around a 20-30% boost once the software is able to fully utilize the 384 threads that the Genoa chips have to offer. Besides that, the 5995WX looks strong with its LN2 OC but we should remember that a stock 5995WX scores around 65-70K points (a 65% improvement with LN2) so a Threadripper with Zen 4 cores on LN2 should be able to offer even higher scores with ease considering the HEDT chips have higher clocks and can be overclocked too.

AMD's EPYC Genoa CPUs will feature 128 PCIe Gen 5.0 lanes, 160 for a 2P (dual-socket) configuration. The SP5 platform will also feature DDR5-5200 memory support which is some insane improvement over the existing DDR4-3200 MHz DIMMs. But that's not all, it will also support up to 12 DDR5 memory channels and 2 DIMMs per channel which will allow up to 3 TB of system memory using 128 GB modules. The AMD EPYC 9000 Genoa CPU lineup is expected to launch in the second half of this year.

AMD EPYC Milan Zen 3 vs EPYC Genoa Zen 4 Size Comparisons:

Process NodeTSMC 7nmTSMC 5nm
Core ArchitectureZen 3Zen 4
Zen CCD Die Size80mm272mm2
Zen IOD Die Size416mm2397mm2
Substrate (Package) AreaTBD5428mm2
Socket Area4410mm26080mm2
Socket NameLGA 4094LGA 6096
Max Socket TDP450W700W
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