Druckmann: “No Plans” for The Last of Us Part II DLC; Remains Silent on ‘Factions’ Multiplayer Mode

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The Last of Us Part II DLC Multiplayer Druckmann

There are no plans for The Last of Us Part II DLC according to Naughty Dog's creative director and Vice President, Neil Druckmann.

The original The Last of Us received additional story DLC following the game’s PS3 release in 2013, and the Left Behind expansion was included with the remastered PS4 version of the game.  From the looks of it, however, The Last of Us Part II won’t be receiving any additional DLC. At least, there are currently no plans for it.

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In a recent Kinda Funny podcast with Greg Miller, Troy ‘Joel’ Baker, and Ashley ‘Ellie’ Johnson, Druckmann was asked about possible story DLC.

“Are there plans for DLC? ‘Left Behind’ obviously, correct me if I’m wrong, [for] The Last of Us Part I you guys were like, “we’re going to do DLC for it, we’re going to do something else for it”, which became Left Behind, but you guys never [said] anything about that for Part II, correct”, Miller asked Druckmann.

“No there’s no plans for DLC”, the creative director clearly replied.

Druckmann was also asked about the multiplayer ‘Factions’ mode that it still rumored to be in development, and his reply can be interpreted in multiple ways.  “Neil, I don’t know if you remember, you said you’d make a factions multiplayer mode”, Miller said.

“I remember when we used to make multiplayer games”, Druckmann replied, talking in the past verb as if Naughty Dog is no longer doing multiplayer titles.

When Miller pressed the issue, Druckmann remained silent on the matter, clearly not wanting to comment on a possible future multiplayer mode or standalone experience.

We’ve included the video in which Druckmann talks about The Last of Us Part II DLC and multiplayer mode down below.

Whether we’ll ever see a multiplayer experience involving The Last of Us Part II remains to be seen at this point. It does seem safe to assume, however, that story DLC is currently not on the table.

The Last of Us Part II is available globally now for PlayStation 4.

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