Dragon Quest Tact Announced for iOS, Android in Japan

Anil Ganti

A lot of developers are hopping on the mobile gaming bandwagon. Global smartphone shipments are only rising, and so is the mobile gaming market. Square Enix has been on quite a roll with releasing games on the mobile platform. A few days ago, the company opened up registrations for Monster Hunter Riders. Now, Square Enix just announced its latest mobile game in the form of Dragon Quest Tact. The game is developed by Aiming Inc and uses monsters from the lore of Dragon Quest.

The basic premise of most Dragon Quest games is to play a hero who is out to save the land from peril at the hands of a powerful evil enemy, with the hero usually accompanied by a group of party members. Common elements persist throughout the series and its spinoff games: turn-based combat; recurring monsters. Players have to then form teams and slug it out in a traditional turn-based system. That's all we know about the game for now. Here are a few screenshots from its official website that may shed some light on the upcoming title. Bear in mind that they're all in Japanese, so you might need a translation app such as Google Lens or Bixby Vision handy if you don't speak the language.,

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Lastly, the staff includes Dragon Quest series creator Yuji Horii, Akira Toriyama as Monster Designer, and Koichi Sugiyama. Dragon Quest Tact releases for iOS and Android in Japan in 2020. The game is a free-to-play title with micro-transactions. There is no word about an international release just yet. Based on what we've seen with earlier Dragon Quest games these things usually take a few months. Dragon Quest of the Stars (Hoshi no Dragon Quest) was another game of the franchise that released in Japan last year. It is expected to hit the Google Play Store and App Store on February 25th.

News Source: Gematsu

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