Dragon Ball Z Kakarot To Feature Dragon Ball Gathering Mechanics

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

New gameplay mechanics have been revealed today for Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, mechanics that will be able to provide players with new challenges.

The latest issue of V-Jump magazine revealed that the game will allow players to gather the Dragon Balls. Once all have been gathered, players will be able to make a wish to fight a defeated enemy. This mechanic will allow players to take part in duels that do not happen in the original story, as well as get additional experience and other rewards.

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The magazine also confirmed that enemies more powerful than usual will be found in the field. These enemies will provide a lot of experience points as well as other rewards once defeated.

DBZ Kakarot is setting out to be one of the best DBZ games ever released. I had the chance to try out the game at the E3 earlier this year, and I have been pleasantly surprised by the game. It will not break any new ground, but it will be an enjoyable experience nonetheless.

I wasn't expecting much of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, but the E3 2019 demo definitely left me impressed. It can get a big mashy in battle, and some exploration mechanics could use a little tweaking, but there's no denying that any Dragon Ball Z fan will enjoy Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, as the presentation is top-notch and the gameplay fun, albeit not particularly original.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot releases on January 17th, 2020 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One worldwide.

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