watchOS 2 GM For Apple Watch Now Available To Download

Sep 10, 2015

Apple Watch firmware watchOS 2 Golden Master candidate is now available to download, and is immediately accessible to those registered in the Apple Developer Program.

watchOS 2

In its current state, watchOS is stable as it is, but being first-gen software, it lacks a lot of features and has a lot of performance related issues. But with watchOS 2, Apple is taking things up a notch for its wrist worn wearable, and is bringing a ton of amazing feature to the fore, such as native apps, new watch faces, and of course, third-party Complications among a list of many changes.

Like the iOS 9 GM build, watchOS 2 GM is available to those who are enrolled in the Apple Developer Program. This means users are required to be registered developers with Apple in order reap the benefits of getting software bits before anyone else. Also, watchOS 2 GM is likely the final build which will be pushed out to users a week later from now to Apple Watch users around the world, until or unless a major bug is found and needs to be fixed. In that case, Apple will push out the second Golden Master candidate of watchOS 2 to developers. But given Apple’s track record, we’re certain we won’t see a second GM build of watchOS 2.

watchOS 2

Unlike iOS 9 GM, watchOS 2’s Gold Master build doesn’t require you to head over to the Apple Developer Program website in order to upgrade. Simply launch the ‘Watch’ app from your home screen, navigate to General > Software Update, and you’ll see the watchOS 2 GM build waiting for your download and installation approval. We really wished things were as easy on iOS as well, but that’s a whole new story for later. Also keep in mind that the aforementioned steps for download are meant for those who already have the watchOS 2 beta already installed. If you don't, then we suggest users to wait till the final release hits consumer channels in a week's time.

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 12.43.49 AM

Keep one thing in mind here, you’ll be required to have an iPhone running iOS 9 in order to install watchOS 2 on your Apple Watch, otherwise you won’t be able to go further with the installation process. And if for some reason you wish to downgrade your iPhone to iOS 8.4.1 from iOS 9 GM, then your Apple Watch with watchOS 2 GM won't work with older firmware.

Installed watchOS 2 GM on your Apple Watch? Then don’t forget to let us know in the comments section below what you think about it.