watchOS 2.0.1 For Apple Watch Released With Bug Fixes


Apart from iOS 9.1 final download, Apple has also released watchOS 2.0.1 for Apple Watch users as well. Complete list of changes can be found here.

Apple Watch

Apple Has Released The First Ever watchOS 2 Update

watchOS 2 is a mighty update over the original release which shipped with the Apple Watch out of the box. However, watchOS 2 does have its fair share of issues, and Apple aims to address them all with a small yet appropriate release in the form of a 2.0.1 point update.

The complete list of changes in the new watchOS 2.0.1 update are as follows:

This update contains new emoji characters, performance improvements, and bug fixes, including:

– Fixes an issue that could cause software updates to stall
– Fixes issues that were impacting battery performance
– Resolves an issue that prevented a managed iPhone from syncing iOS Calendar events to Apple Watch
– Addresses an issue that could prevent location information from properly updating
– Fixes an issue that could cause Digital Touch to send from an email address instead of a phone number
– Addresses an issue that could cause instability when using a Live Photo as a watch face
– Resolves an issue that allows the sensors to stay on indefinitely when using Siri to measure heart rate

If you've been having battery related issues, then watchOS 2.0.1 will aim to fix most of your woes. Apart from that, if you were facing an issue in which updates were stalling or iOS Calendar events weren't syncing to your Apple Watch, then those issues should be fixed in this release as well.

If you're in the ownership of an Apple Watch, then we recommend that you update your wearable straight away to the newly pushed out release. Simply follow the steps outlined below on how you can do just that:

1. With your Apple Watch connected to your iPhone and your smartphone connected to a WiFi network, launch the Watch app from your home screen.

2. Now tap on General.

3. Here you should see an entry called 'Software Update.' Simply download and install.

Keep in mind that the update won't move a muscle if your Apple Watch is not placed on its MagSafe charger, so be vary of that fact before you go on updating your wearable.

Since the installation will happen over Bluetooth, therefore the entire process will take quite a bit of time to completely finish, so don't panic thinking that your Apple Watch might be stuck somewhere in between, while it's actually not.


The Apple Watch has a long, long way to go before it can be declared the ultimate wearable for consumers. And while the current feature set does trump the competition by a huge margin, but one can't deny the fact that Cupertino's wearable is no more than a mere second screen for your smartphone that is designed to go through certain tasks as quickly as possible and in a very simplistic manner, such as archiving an email, or quickly checking upon notifications, and of course, checking into a place or two using Swarm.

We're certain Apple will do its magic and breathe more life into the Apple Watch in the days and months to come. Till that happens, we urge the users to climb the ladder by updating to watchOS 2.0.1.