Download tvOS 12 for Apple TV 4 and 4K [How to]


Apple TV owners can now breathe a sigh of relief as the final version of tvOS 12 is now available for download. We'll show you how you can update right now.

Download tvOS 12 Today with Dolby Atmos and Other Refinements Under the Hood for Apple TV

If you're a set-top box enthusiast and happen to own an Apple TV, then you already know how important the underlying software can be at times. Things are even more wonderful on the Apple TV 4K side of the fence as that is the place where tvOS 12 shines the most, Apple's new software update for its TV platform. Why is that so, you ask? Because while the Apple TV 4K did ship with 4K HDR support out of the box, tvOS 12 takes those features a bit further with the addition of Dolby Atmos support. This feature only works if you have compatible hardware set right up with your Apple TV.

watchOS 5.3.1, tvOS 12.4.1 and macOS 10.14.6 Supplemental Update Released

Other than the above mentioned feature, there are a ton of under the hood changes as well that ensure Apple's TV software functions in the best possible manner. Also, Siri is a lot smarter with the new update so you can, hopefully, do more than just ask it for weather or turn the lights on or off.

In order to install tvOS 12 right now, simply turn on your Apple TV 4 or Apple TV 4K then head over to Settings > System > Software Update on your home screen. Choose the latest update and just install it. It will take a few minutes to download tvOS 12, but once it's done the installation process will kick off immediately.

If you are willing to take the clean install approach, then you can follow the guide posted below on how to go about it. But remember one thing: the guide is only applicable to Apple TV 4 users only and not 4K because the latter does not have any sort of USB port in order to interface with iTunes and ultimately perform a clean install.

Looking to downgrade? Then you guessed it already, that too is exclusive to Apple TV 4 users only. Check out the guide below for more details.

Given that you love nothing more than pure entertainment on the large screen then it's highly recommended that you go ahead and install the latest tvOS 12 update. Not only you end up getting several new features, but the apps you enjoy the most will benefit from certain new things too.

Interested in downloading the tvOS 12 IPSW firmware file for your Apple TV 4? You can grab it from the link below: