Download and Install Sense UI 3.5 for Desire HD

The geniuses at XDA have done it yet again. Although this time it's more of a sucker punch to HTC. The Sense 3.5 video we showed you a few days back is now available as a ROM ready to be flashed onto a Desire HD. This latest version of Sense is not yet available for any phone however due to a leaked ROM for HTC Bliss it has swiftly been ported onto the Desire HD. Credit goes to the XDA developer capychimp who was also responsible for the first working port of Sense 3.0.

As always with version 1.0 of any ROM there are bugs and glitches to be expected.


  • Added advance power menu
  • user apps auto install written by rmk40 readded, known from kingdom
  • 3D homescreen option added
  • Initial release


  • camera acting up
  • bluetooth wont turn on

For a first release that's a very small bug list. Head over to the XDA thread for instructions and links to flash the ROM.

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