Download Android USB Drivers – Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, and Others

Often times we need to connect our Android device with your computer; similar to how we require drivers to configure any hardware we connect to Windows, we also need to download USB drivers for our particular Android OEM. While Mac and Linux based systems don't require any drivers, Windows won't accept your device until connected using USB drivers. 
Download Android USB drivers

Here is the list of download links of Android USB drivers for Windows. While this list contains download links for various OEMs, it is not an exhaustive list. However, we have tried to include the very latest flagship smartphones to help you with connecting your Android powered devices with your computer.

Download Android USB drivers:

Here are the links to download Android USB drivers for your Android powered device to help you connect your devices in USB debugging mode:

Note: If you own a Nexus series device, please note that your device will need the Google USB driver, not the manufacturer one.

Don't forget to share any more links to download Android USB drivers for any OEM that we haven't been able to include in this list.

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