Doom Video Series Shows How the Game Went to Hell and Back


Hell is in Texas. Learn what everything you ever wanted to know about how DOOM came to be from the folks who made it, along with some never before seen production footage of the first-person shooter.

Part one of the series is being done by Noclip with Danny O'Dwyer, formerly of Gamespot, hosting the documentary. He spent some time with id Software and got the skinny about the history of the studio and how they were able to bounce back after the DOOM 4 project got canned.

One of the favorite parts is the whole DOOM 4 saga. How it went from being announced prior to the release of RAGE but required two reboots, massive changes within id Software and finally how id got their act together and managed to release Doom in 2016 with resounding critical and financial success.

Another interesting feature was DOOM's 'push forward combat' which came to the inception of glory-kills. There's a ton of never before seen footage including the original gameplay reveal at QuakeCon 2014, so if you have about half hour to kill, I highly recommend checking out the documentary since it offers a decent look at the types of issues big budget games encounter when they go on incredibly long development cycles.

The first episode of DOOM Resurrected: To Hell and Back will be followed by "Designing a First Impression," and then "Guns, Guitars, & Chess on Mars," which will premiere tomorrow and Wednesday with even more insider looks at the development process for DOOM.

Be sure to check out our review of DOOM for the PC. Dave Aubrey really liked the awesomely gory shooter:

If you've been searching for a bombastic single player FPS, then you need not look any further than this new DOOM game. If you want a special multiplayer experience, though, DOOM doesn't deliver as well.