Doom is Getting Another Movie from Universal, And Filming May Start Soon

Nathan Birch

After a long spell away of the spotlight, the Doom franchise is on a bit of a hot streak – the 2016 Doom reboot was a hit and may be getting a sequel, and now it seems a new Doom movie is in the works. This news comes courtesy of singer/actress Nina Bergman, who posted this on Twitter.

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Just to clear up any possible confusion, Bergman confirmed the movie is, in fact, based on the Doom video game franchise, and that it has a better script than the 2004 Dwayne Johnson film. Take that, Rocky!

What else do we know about this new Doom movie? Not a whole lot! Universal hasn’t officially announced the movie yet, and, aside from Bergman, we don’t know any of the cast. In a later tweet, Bergman does seem to hint that Tony Giglio is the film’s director.

So, why have we heard so little about this video game movie coming from a major studio? Well, based on the fact that Bergman and Giglio’s IMDB credits are mostly low-budget action and genre flicks and filming is taking place in Bulgaria, it seems likely the new Doom might be a direct-to-DVD/video-on-demand type of deal. Perhaps it will be a Netflix/Amazon/other random streaming service exclusive?

Whatever form it takes, I’m up for another Doom flick. Despite the dismal reviews, I actually kind of liked the Rock’s Doom. Yeah, it was dumb, but it had its goofy B-movie appeal. As long as the new movie doesn’t take itself too seriously, it could be a worthwhile Saturday afternoon stream.

What about you folks? Any interest in another Doom movie? Or should the franchise stick to games?

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