Dishonored Might be Getting A Definitive Edition for the PS4, Xbox One and PC

Dishonored might be getting a Definitive Edition release for the PS4 and Xbox One according to a new classification rating. Similarly to the Gears of War Ultimate  Edition, Dishonored has also received a rating for a Definitive Edition.

You can check out this rating classification in the image below.

According to an industry insider, we will not get to see Dishonored II, as Arkane Studios need more to time, before they reveal the sequel. Even though the title is expected to be officially announced during Bethesda's press conference, so at least a teaser for Dishonored II will certainly be making an appearance.

A more in-depth showcase of the game might follow at Gamescom, but that remains to be seen, as the events are quite close to each other, so Arkhane might not make it by then either.

The first Dishonored title was an incredible game, and surely and a lot of fans are looking forward to the sequel. We might get a surprise announcement at E3 2015 for the Definitive Edition of Dishonored for the current gen consoles and PC, followed by a short tease of Dishonored II to wet our appetite.

Bethesda will have a few other presentations and reveals at E3, with the most notable being the announcement of Fallout 4, which is all but confirmed at this point. The reveal of the hugely anticipated RPG is said to be during the last part of Bethesda's Press Conference and the company will be showcasing a 20-30 minute gameplay trailer for the title.

We will bring any new information on Dishonored, Dishonored II and Bethesda as soon as it becomes available. Be sure to check out our previous E3 coverage for more.




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