Discussing Ryzen 3000 Performance With Gordon From PCWorld At CES 2019

Jan 11, 2019

There’s always a lot going on at CES from announcements to drama between leads of companies.  But for me the best thing is running into other folks in the industry.  It seems like anytime I attend an event I get the pleasure of catching up with Gordon Mah Ung, Executive Editor at PCWorld.  It’s always a pleasure and we have a great time before discussing what we expect to see and lay down some predictions, then catch up afterwards to see what we got right, what we got wrong, and what surprised us.  The AMD Keynote this year was no exception, While we both expected to see the launch of the Ryzen 3000 series I held fast that we would not see the 16 core part…yet.  I now see I didn’t make that very clear in the interview with Gorgon but I still think we’ll eventually see it, just not now or at launch.

I would like to take a moment to thank Gordon and Adam for taking the time and allowing me to be a part of this video, even if I was past the point of tired.