Here’s How To Stop Facebook Messenger From Displaying Your Location In iOS And Android

Privacy is a feature that has started to become an increasing concern of millions of smartphone users all around. Even though smartphones have revolutionized the way we interact with our surroundings and our devices, given users access to communications and data on the go, those with malicious intentions can easily access data and other content on unassuming users' devices with much ease. One of these accesses is location tracking, and Facebook's Messenger app is the culprit.

Disable Location Tracking In iOS And Android In A Couple Of Easy Steps

Facebook's got big plans for Messenger. The social media giant got a nice shock when Whatsapp started to increase in popularity among young users for instant messaging, and since then, after WhatsApp's purchase, Facebook's intent on making Messenger one of the top instant messaging services around. Well, all these plans could face some problems down the road if it doesn't take care of privacy issues with respect to Messenger. Fortunately, right now you can disable location tracking for Messenger in iOS and Android easily, and we're going to show you how.


For iOS, to disable location tracking, start by simply tapping the Settings icon on your iOS device's home screen. Scroll down to Privacy and open the menu up. Open up the first sub-menu in Privacy, dubbed as 'Location Services'. Scroll down and search for Messenger. Once you've located and tapped on the icon, simply set 'Allow location Access' to 'Never', and you're done.


For Android you're going to have to carry out a couple of steps before you're completely secure from Messenger giving out your location. First, head over to Settings, Locations Services and open up Location Permissions. Scroll down to Messenger and set up the menu on the right to read as 'Reject'. Secondly, head over to Messenger, Settings and open up location. Disable the option that includes your location to new messages by default.

That's it folks. Hopefully your location should be protected by now in your smartphone. All eyes on Facebook to roll out updates for Messenger that fix location tracking on the service once and for all. So give the above options a spin, and let us know what you think in the comments section below. Cheers.

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