DICE: SWBFII To Get Much More But Smaller Content Updates; Corner Camping Should Be Less of an Issue

Alessio Palumbo
star wars battlefront II screen

With the Star Wars Battlefront II beta scheduled to hit all platforms next week, several DICE developers have begun answering community question on the game's subreddit.

In particular, DICE's Level Designer petervesti revealed some new tidbits of information. To begin with, he said that post-launch support (confirmed by Electronic Arts to be free) for Star Wars Battlefront II should be very different from Battlefield 1.

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It won't be the same as Battlefield 1 for sure. There will be much more but smaller content updates etc. Hopefully it will feel like there's more stuff going on - on a regular basis rather than waiting months for another huge content drop.

As a level designer, the DICE employee then dived into gameplay mechanics such as corner camping and choke points.

Corner camping I think is less of an issue due to the changed 3rd person camera - it's personally not something I have experienced a lot so far anyway. If you look for gameplay from Battlefront 2015 and Battlefront 2, you can see that the 3rd person camera in the new game is closer to the character. This means you can look around walls and such less than before.

Choke points is always a very hot topic. It also has for this development and on Battlefield 1. It's nice for pacing/action/experience to have sections or areas where everyone is fighting in close proximity - however when it's too much and everything turns into a stalemate or explosions everywhere it can be a very bad experience.
It's something we are very aware of and something we will monitor and fix in the game for sure. I don't think it's going to be a massive issue - when we see that kind of gameplay we all highlight it and try to fix it.

The more narrow third person camera view might also help balance things with the optional first-person camera. We'll see about that once Star Wars Battlefront II hits physical and virtual shelves on November 17th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

DICE also released a new single player trailer. You can find it below.

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