Diablo Immortal Gets New Info from BlizzCon 2019; Post-Launch Support Will Be Strong

Alessio Palumbo
Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal focused all the (negative) attention at BlizzCon 2018 as fans voiced their disappointment for the mobile game's announcement.

This year, Diablo Immortal is far from the focus at BlizzCon as that honor goes squarely to Diablo IV. That said, the developers still shared an update on the game's progress and what will make it a unique Diablo experience. Immortal is considered an MMOARPG and thus features persistent shared zones, four-player dungeons, full Guild and social systems and more.

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What’s New for Diablo Immortal at BlizzCon 2019?

Last year’s demo revealed the Barbarian, Monk, and Wizard, playable in a streamlined dungeon experience. This year, attendees will also be able to take the Demon Hunter for a spin (or Strafe) through a slice of open-world gameplay through the town of Wortham and the outdoor zone of Ashwold Cemetary.

We’ve added a new base game mechanic: Ultimate Abilities. All classes gain charge for their chosen Ultimate by using basic attacks. Once this charge has been built up, players can choose to augment their basic attack for a short time in a face-meltingly powerful display of strength, guile, or raw magical potential.

We’re also sharing a first look at our equipment system, including the first batch of skill-altering Legendary items. Turn your Scorch’s burning fireball into an icy Frozen Orb, change up how Exploding Palm targets foes and dishes out damage, or transform deadly arrows into grenades when using Strafe.

Q: When will I be able to play Diablo Immortal?
A: We don’t have a release date to announce at this time. It takes significant time to meet the Blizzard quality level we’re aiming for, and we have a lot of ambitious goals for Diablo Immortal. Keep a close eye on Diablo channels for upcoming news and Pre-Register for testing opportunities here.

Q: Will there be microtransactions in Diablo Immortal? How will Diablo Immortal be priced?
A: We’re focused on building a great Diablo game first. That said, we know the business model is top of mind for lots of people out there and we’re taking the time to get it right. It’s too early to share details, but we want to make a Diablo game players love and to support it for years to come. We plan to achieve that by creating an ecosystem that accounts for and welcomes every type of player—from our most die-hard Diablo veterans to those who’ll be exploring Sanctuary for the first time.

Q: What will support for Diablo Immortal look like after launch?
A: Diablo Immortal is planned from the ground up for ongoing content and events. After launch, expect continued support and regular content updates including balance changes, new zones, dungeons, bosses, loot, additional stories, and even new classes!

A new gameplay trailer for Diablo Immortal has been released as well; you can watch it below. There is currently no release date for the game.

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