Developer Tests Apple Watch Ultra With a 61-Mile Hike in the Scottish Highlands

Ali Salman
Apple Watch Ultra Test and Hike

An Apple Watch Ultra is put to test with a 61-mile hike in the Scottish Highlands. The wearable is designed to withstand harsh conditions and also comes with Satellite connectivity in case of no network coverage. Developer David Smith has conducted a real-world test with the Apple Watch Ultra, allowing him to take advantage of most of the high-end features. Check out his three-day experience below.

Developer Shares His Perspective on the Apple Watch Ultra With a Three-Day Hike in the Scottish Highlands

David reviews the Apple Watch Ultra with a 61-mile hike across the Scottish Highlands. The expedition took him three days where he saw fit to test the device with various features that Apple announced on stage recently. The video shares details on how the hardware performs under no network coverage, navigation, and much more.

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I love this watch and can say confidently that is the best Apple Watch yet made for hiking. The standard Apple Watches are very good, and probably good enough for most day hiking, but if you’ve ever felt limited by their screen, battery or durability you’ll be very happy with this upgrade. I also think it is probably the best choice amongst all sports watches for hiking for all but the most specialist needs (assuming you have an iPhone).

David also tested the audio of the Apple Watch Ultra and the battery life that lasted throughout his hike. In addition, he also compared various aspects of the Apple Watch Series 7 which will allow you to make an informed decision when it comes to getting your hands on the latest. Check out more details here. You can check out the full video embedded below.

The Apple Watch Ultra is a very capable device that comes with a brand-new design. You can check out our announcement post for more details. If you are willing to get it for yourself, it is priced at $799 and can be pre-ordered from Apple's online store.

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