Deus Ex Live Action Trailer is an amazing eye opener

Rizwan Anwer

Deus Ex Human Revolution is drawing closer and closer to it's release date, and for those of you who are still clueless on what the story of the game is this time around a very well made live action trailer has been made which shows what Adam Jensen is fighting for and why human augmentation MAY NOT be the best thing to happen to humans. The trailer is brilliantly made and  shows just how bad technology can get at times.

With the game hardly a month away you will get to see for yourself just how badly people are affected by the side effects.

Adam Jensen is the protagonist of Deus Ex Human Revolution, he wasn't turned into an augmented human by choice but he won't let that stop him from stopping human augmentation once and for all. You may think that people with physical handicaps will be better off with human augmented parts but you would be wrong to think so, Sarif industries DOES give you a new life but at a great price; Your Humanity!

The trailer is really an eye opener which just goes to show you that all that glitters is not gold after all. Sarif Industries is out to turn the entire human race into walking machines and run a monopoly on a drug NEEDED to keep the augmented limbs from killing you. This is a great background story for what is an exceptional game, I for one am in high anticipation of this game and look forward to seeing just how rewarding all these years of waiting were.

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