Detroit: Become Human Demo Live; Game Has 37K+ Animations, Shooting Took Over A Year With 300 Actors

Alessio Palumbo
Detroit Become Human Quantic Dream

Detroit: Become Human just got a free demo, available now on the New Zealand PlayStation Store. Presumably, it will hit the rest of PSN later today.


Get a glimpse of the android revolution of tomorrow in this action-packed demo for Detroit: Become Human.

The unique prototype android Connor serves the Detroit police department, and you join him at the beginning of a dramatic stand-off with a fugitive.

You choose what happens. Analyse the situation and make your decisions carefully… lives could be at risk.

Detroit: Become Human is a twisting neo-noir thriller about service androids breaking their programming and desiring freedom.

This looks like a big day for Detroit: Become Human. A 'Making of' video also leaked on MEGA where several Quantic Dream developers talk about the process of making the game. In the video, we learned that the game now has over 37K animations; then, David Cage talked a bit about the shooting and filming.

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The shooting for this game in total took about, I would say, more than a year, almost two years, with about three hundred actors on set which is quite the massive production. But so much happened on this set between the stunts and the shooting with the little girl and all these great actors that we have. It was really a very, very memorable journey for the team and for myself.

Game after game, we learned the rules of optics and filming. Our goal with Detroit: Become Human was to have cameras that would actually emulate the optics of a real physical camera, so basically dealing with real-world imperfections was our main task and just to make cameras look as real as we can.

Detroit: Become Human is set to launch exclusively on PlayStation 4 on May 25th. The game will run at 4K resolution via checkerboard rendering on PlayStation 4 Pro.

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