Destiny 2 2.7.1 Update to Address Performance Issues and More


The next Destiny 2 update will address performance issues on all platforms, Bungie confirmed.

The 2.7.1 update will address performance issues such as framerate drops during activities or long load times for menus.

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Next week, we’ll have a few performance issues addressed in Destiny 2 Update 2.7.1, including:
  • Improved some performance issues in the Chamber of Suffering encounter.
  • Fixed an issue where players could die when transitioning from the Necropolis encounter to the Tunnels of Despair.
  • Improved a performance issue that could occur when chunks of land return, or are removed during the Sanctified Mind encounter.
  • Improved performance when receiving certain investment related messages. This could be reward acquisition, placing tributes, or interacting with Obelisks.
      • The largest impact will be in the Tower, but this should help everywhere.
  • Players who load into Crucible matches faster than their peers will no longer be put in black screen. Rather, they will remain in spaceflight until all players have loaded into the match, as before.

Bungie is working on additional Destiny 2 performance improvements, but they require rigorous testing, so they will not be included in the upcoming update.

  • UI stuttering and framerate drops when loading or applying mods
  • Framerate issues in Gambit and Gambit Prime
  • Framerate issues during the Sanctified Mind encounter of the Garden of Salvation Raid
  • Framerate issues in the Pit of Heresy Dungeon, specifically in tunnel encounters
  • General improvements to performance on PC when a lot of debris is on the ground

Many other changes will be included in the Destiny 2 2.7.1 update. You can find all the information on next week's update on Bungie's website.

Destiny 2 is now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The 2.7.1 update is scheduled for next week.