Deploy the Dead – Multiplayer Shooter Moving Hazard Out Next Week


MovingHazard 030116 scrn2

A game in which you control hoards of the dead to defeat your enemies has been given a release date and price. Moving Hazard will come to Steam's Early Access programme next week.

Psyop Games and IllFonic are asking that players fight their instinct and avoid killing the walking dead, instead using zombies to gain an advantage over their opponents.

Christian Cantamessa, Lead Writer and Design Consultant for Psyop Games, said:

“We had such an incredible reaction from fans during our debut at PAX South, with players asking us to release the game immediately, so we’re incredibly excited to deliver Moving Hazard on Early Access. Once PAX-goers learned to stop killing the undead and started using them as scent-guided bloodhounds or shambling flesh-eating allies, the competition got fierce and the freshness of the gameplay really stood out. We can’t wait to give the community access and get their feedback to make it even better in the coming months.”

The Unreal Engine 4 game will launch featuring loadout customizations, two player Factions with three classes, four maps, four game modes, and eight unique weapons. In addition, the game will offer more than 30 Player Perks, more than 50 Weapon Mods, matchmaking and lobby services, and a Player Hideout, where players can level up, upgrade and select personalized skills.

Moving Hazard will be available on Steam from March 10th, for $19.99. It'll reach full release later this year.

For more information, visit the official website.