Deleted Tweet Reveals Borderlands 2 New DLC for Tiny Tina and Dragons?


Borderlands 2 is a spectacular RPG FPS that truly rocked the gaming world last year, while the game is truly one of those that deserves to be purchased with a Season Pass, with each new DLC bringing in hours of fun and a new character class for the players to play as, The latest DLC has made its way to twitter by accident when one of the writers of the title decided to tweet a picture of himself lying on a Sofa but neglected to see the Tiny Tina promotional stand in the background, while the tweet has since been deleted we are all aware of the vigilant internet users who saved the picture as soon as it was revealed.

Khaleesi appears to have some competition when boasting the title of being the queen of dragons, The latest Boderlands 2 DLC will have everyone's favorite teenage pyrotechnics expert, Tiny Tina, taking on the world of dragons.


The latest picture which shows Borderlands 2 Writer, Anthony Burch,(I was mistaken, the writer isn't Anthony Burch, will update when the name of the person in the picture is known. I apologize for any confusion) laying on a couch but alas neglected to remove the promotional item that shows the last Borderlands 2 DLC.

The DLC will be called, "Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragons Keep" and of course should mark the end of the season pass for the avid players, but at least this DLC will send the game out with a "bang".

Currently there is no credible source since the original tweet got deleted and of course this will have to be labeled as a rumor, feel free to take this with a pinch of salt if you wish but I would put my money on the DLC being VERY likely to occur.

Given the success of Borderlands 2 and all the praise surrounding it, would you jump at the opportunity to play with this DLC or are you hoping for more? I think Tiny Tina is a good way to end the DLC since she is definitely one of the more entertaining characters in the entire game.