Will The iPhone 6c Make Apple Cave In To Shareholders? Credit Suisse Believes So

Ramish Zafar

As a company, Apple has had to evolve over its history. No longer forced to 'innovate' for developing a consumer base, its focus over the recent course of time has been more of product refinement. In fact, since the launch of the iPad and to some extent the Apple watch, its been a while that we've seen a new product from Cupertino's end. Being caught in the net of 'premium' and 'top-tier' devices, launching products that are acceptable to the mass market has never been one of Apple's strengths. But with growing revenues and a strong product portfolio, could times be changing for the design firm? Especially in the ever evolving smartphone market, where user preferences vary from affordability to top level performance specifications. An undying whisper of the iPhone 6c might show that things are indeedchanging over at Cupertino.

Strong iPhone Growth Could See An iPhone 6c Launch Believes Credit Suisse

With the launch of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, Apple finally seemed to cave in to market pressures and increase the screen size on its flagship, and only, smartphone lineup. But in order to make things a bit more interesting, we saw two screen sizes being introduced to the lineup and the world was never the same again. Or at least for the time being. Strong performance by the 2014 lineup led to high expectations for this year's iPhone 6s/6s Plus lineup, which, as many predicted couldn't match its predecessor, even though Apple frantically added a lot of new features to the mix.

But the iPhone lineup has been with Apple for quite a while and has outperformed even the most optimistic expectations at the time of its inception i.e. in 2007. Eight years having passed and revenues from the lineup at $155 Billion as of now, the company might be looking at other methods to boost up its overall profitability, as new products and ventures become rare; a philosophy which Apple has adhered to for sometime now.

This just might indicate at an iPhone 6c launch next year, according to folks over at Credit Suisse, we have learned today. Apple tried to edge into medium-tier devices previously as well, with the well remembered launch of the iPhone 5c in an attempt that didn't go quite well even according to hopeful estimates. But with several unique features that markedly separate the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus from the rest of the industry coupled with an increased rate of iPhone upgrades, a viable market for a smaller screened, low price iPhone just might be mature enough to tap into.

Credit Suisse expects that such a launch would add up to 7% to the company's long-term Earning Per Share estimates; making it sound like a highly feasible option should Apple choose to base its product launches on shareholder sentiments. Share price has been falling for quite a while and the extra value gained could prove enticing. But is a simple increase in earning enough to justify Apple's shift from the premium end in its most popular product lineup? The iPhone 6c surely doesn't seem to be dying down when it comes to the rumor mill and such an edition just might be a perfect refresher in the iPhone lineup - if Apple plays its cards just right. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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