Deathloop Update 3 Adds Photo Mode, Accessibility Features and More


Deathloop received its third game update yesterday on both PC and PlayStation 5. Its highlights are, in addition to the implementation of AMD FSR 2.0 on PC, the brand new Photo Mode and improved accessibility features.

Photo Mode will only be available in single player mode and can be accessed through the Pause menu or directly with the dedicated shortcut (P by default on PC; it has to be enabled on PS5 via Options > Controls > ‘Controller’ tab > Photo Mode Quick Access > Yes to use the DualSense's Share button). Here's a list of all the available options in the Deathloop Photo Mode.

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  • “Camera” options:
    o Mode
    o Third -person view
    o First-person view
    o Player (show/hide)
    o NPCs (show/hide)
    o Floating Messages (show/hide)
    o Field of View
    o Tilt
    o Blur Intensity
    o Autofocus
    o Focus Min Distance
    o Focus Max Distance
    o Flash Intensity
    o Flash Color (7)
    o Grid (Add grid for picture composition)
  • “Filters” options:
    o Filters (17)
    o Filter Intensity
    o Exposure
    o Saturation
    o Contrast
    o Vignette
    o Chromatic Aberration
    o Sharpen
  • “Characters” options:
    o Character (Colt or Julianna)
    o Outfit (12 for each characters + Deluxe Edition outfits)
    o Weapon (14 weapon poses for each character)
    o Weapon Variation
    o Weapon Skin
    o Pose (dozens of poses for each character)
    o X offset
    o Y offset
    o Z offset
    o Rotation
  • “Stickers” options:
    o Possibility to include up to 4 stickers (40 stickers available)
    o Frame (14 frames available)

Arkane also introduced several new accessibility functionalities to Deathloop, such as:

  • New gameplay settings that allow players to further customize combat in Single-Player Mode (most are not available for Online or Friends modes). This includes increasing or decreasing combat difficulty, adjusting the number of Reprises, and slowing game speed.
  • New HUD and subtitle options, such as customizing the size, opacity, and color of various text and graphical elements
  • Easier menu navigation, allowing for the use of directional buttons on the controller to navigate up and down menu lists. The cursor speed can also now be adjusted in settings to help with navigating the settings with a controller.

Deathloop is expected to hit Xbox platforms later this year, once the timed console exclusive deal with PlayStation ends.

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