Death Stranding Director’s Cut Comparison Video Showcases Steam Deck Performance, Slightly Faster Load Times on PC and More


A new Death Stranding Director's Cut comparison video has been shared online, highlighting the differences between the PC and PlayStation 5 versions while showcasing the game's performance on Steam Deck.

The new video, which has been put together by ElAnalistaDeBits, highlights how the PC version of the game by Kojima Productions is well optimized, featuring slightly faster load times and longer draw distance. The PC version's max settings are comparable to those used in the PlayStation 5 version running in Quality Mode.

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As already mentioned, this new Death Stranding Director's Cut comparison video also shows how the game runs on Steam Deck. As ElAnalistaDeBits noted, the game is not a Steam Deck verified game, so performance may improve in the future.

- The 2 modes of Steam Deck are optimized to offer the best possible version on TV and laptop by adjusting the settings.
- Please note Death Strading Director's Cut is not currently a Steam Deck verified game. Its performance could improve in the future.
- Keep in mind that Steam Deck's portable mode is designed to be played on its 7" screen.
- The game currently does not support the standard Steam Deck resolution (1280x800p), with 1280x720p being the default resolution.
- For Docked mode on Steam Deck, a resolution of 1440p (with FSR Quality mode) and default settings except for shadows (marked Low) have been used.
- For handheld mode on Steam Deck, 720p resolution (with FSR Ultra Quality mode) and low settings have been used except for Ambient Occlusion (ON) and Broadcast Memory (Default).
- The PC version follows in the footsteps of the magnificent optimization that the original game already had. Using DLSS with any graphics card from the 30 range we can run the game at 4K Ultra without problems.
- PS5 and PC share most settings to the maximum. However, the draw distance is longer on PC.
- Load times are slightly faster on PC (by less than a second overall compared to PS5) and slightly slower on Steam Deck.

Death Stranding Director's Cut is now available on PC and PlayStation 5 worldwide.

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