Deal Alert: Seneo Qi Wireless Charger with Leather Top for $8.99

Uzair Ghani
Seneo Wireless Charger on sale

Seneo is discounting its wondering Qi wireless charger with a leather top to a measly price of just $8.99. It supports 10W charging wirelessly.

Charge at 10 Watts Wirelessly With Seneo's Beautiful Leather-Top Wireless Charger for Just $8.99

Wireless chargers are some of the most boring things you can buy. But manufacturers go to wonderful lengths in order to keep this accessory as interesting as possible. Seneo did exactly that with its leather-top wireless charger. But it's not the looks that will strike you the most, it's the underlying features too.

Charge at 10W

Seneo Wireless Charger supports 10W charging

Right off the bat, this wireless charger will pump out 10W of power when needed. This means your Galaxy S7, S8, S9 or even the S10 alongside the Note 10 will charge up at full 10W. That's fairly respectable, if you're asking us. But if you have an iPhone, this charger will pump out the required 7.5W of power too. So the fast charging speeds will be available across the board regardless of the device you have.

Beautiful Aluminum Alloy Design

Wireless chargers come in all shapes and sizes but the most common one is the hockey puck style pad. It doesn't take up much space and molds right into your current living space. The Seneo option also takes that route, and comes finished with a beautiful aluminum alloy design that looks elegant and will stand the test of time.

Anti-Slip Leather Top

The reason why this charger has a leather top is actually quite genius. Not only it adds a nice aesthetic touch, but it also makes sure that your phone (or AirPods) stay in one place and don't fall off with a slight bump. It's essentially an anti-slip measure and we are all up for it.

Safeties Built Right in

Just like the best wireless chargers out there, this one has all the right safety measures built right in. This means that this charger will keep your phone safe at all times - it won't overcharge, will keep your phone cool, and more importantly, won't set your house on fire.

Grab the Deal for $8.99 Today

All this sounds well and good, but things get better when you realize that this marvelous product can be yours for just $8.99, instead of the usual $16.99 MSRP. Even at full price, this charger is excellent value for money.

Make sure you apply the discount code at checkout in order to bring the price down.

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