UPDATED: New Dead Space 3 Screenshots Show John Carver and Isaac Clark Working Together


Only yesterday a Leaked Dead Space 3 screenshot showed us John Carver hovering over Planet Urox but now even more screenshots have surfaced which further confirms IGN's claim of Co op being in the game and the confirmation that Isaac is far from over as a protagonist in the series. Whether the game will have a seperate co op story mode or campaign based coop story mode doesn't matter, what does matter is that for the first time in the history of Dead Space games we get to see two engineers fight the necromorph threat side by side.

No longer Red vs. Blue but Red With Blue.

While Dead Space 3 is still unconfirmed we have a fresh entry in the leaked screenshots department, it was rumored that Dead Space 3 will sport co op where Isaac and a man with a scar and a red rig would fight together and bring down the necromorph threat and while the first screenshot released yesterday looked less than believable these screenshots look more authentic and definitely show the in game moments we can expect once the game is officially revealed at this years E3 coming on June 4th.

Hello Isaac!
While Isaac is still a badass you have to admit that the red eyes are even more 😉
2 Guns are Better than 1?
Doesn't look like a necromorph.
A whole new breed of Necromorphs.
Let our Engineering Degrees Combine!

And there you have it, while the images have no proper source as of right now it still seems that the screenshots are very real as these are moments not present in any of the past games at all so they can only be Dead Space 3, but once again these are rumored shots and the final game might look different but hopefully it won't because I love what has been done so far and hope it sticks through to the games release.

Sure the graphics aren't Mirrors Edge or Battlefield 3 level but Dead Space has never been about cutting edge graphics as much as its about the story and the constant adrenaline rush. I hope the game follows the same pace it did with Dead Space 2.


A couple of more screenshots have made it on their way to the internet.

Must have been super models before the marker event.
As usual the Engineers land themselves in a spot of trouble.