Dead or Alive 6 Runs at 1080p on PS4 Pro, While Xbox One X Goes up to 4K and Includes HDR Support

After a brief delay, Dead or Alive 6 is finally launching on March 1st. Ahead of the game's release, we reached out to Koei Tecmo in order to confirm the technical specs for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One X consoles. Here's the statement we got from the developers at Team Ninja:

PlayStation 4 Pro enables 1080p resolution maintaining the processing speed, and the quality of stages and effects will be higher than on the base PS4. On the other hand, Xbox One X will reach a maximum resolution of 4K which is different from the base Xbox One.
It's impossible to maintain 60fps at all times with 4K resolution, but you'll enjoy beautiful graphics. There are some options to prioritize graphics or action so you can choose which one you prefer.
The game is not compatible with HDR on PC. That being said, Xbox One X is the only platform that allows you to enjoy HDR with this game.

It looks like the Xbox One X version has the edge when it comes to graphics, even over the PC version due to its inclusion of HDR display support, though a high-end PC will be able to push higher frame rates and potentially a higher resolution, too.

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Beyond that, though, Dead or Alive 6 felt great to play to Chris, according to the hands-on preview he published a few months ago.

It’s engaging, fun and looks downright awesome. So are the levels that are based more in realism. In addition to being able to fight around a giant Kraken, you also get the chance to fight in arenas that are as simple as having a few spectators around. These spectators also get involved, to a small degree. Knocking an enemy into a member of the crowd will see them catch the fighter and then push them right back into the fight, throwing them off balance and leaving them open to yet another attack. Small elements like this can truly add to feel of a battle, just as much as any explosions or giant squids.

From a person who’s regular time with fighting games are telling them to leave me alone while I play RPG’s or Strategy games, my hands on with Dead or Alive 6 was certainly a positive one.

I can’t help but love the aesthetic choice, with the design and look of characters being absolutely fantastic. This is rounded off with interesting levels, with some being more realistic and others having the more fantastical elements that the series has had before. It’s engaging and fun as well as easy to get into, that’s by far the most important thing here.

Dead or Alive 6 is out in less than a month on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and we'll find out soon whether it can be worthy of the hype.

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