DC Universe Online Coming to Xbox One Really Soon, But It Won’t Have Cross-Play

Three months ago, Daybreak Games (previously known as Sony Online Entertainment) announced that DC Universe Online would be coming to Xbox One in Spring 2016 and that PC/PS4/PS3 players would be able to play together.

The latter has already been implemented, but we had yet to hear anything concrete from the developers about the release of the game on Xbox One. Today, during a PAX East Twitch live stream, it was announced that DC Universe Online is now being tested by Microsoft for certification and thus its release is due to happen "really soon"; considering that Spring lasts until June 19, Daybreak should be able to keep that promise.

However, despite Microsoft's recent change of stance on cross-play with other platforms, Daybreak stated on Twitter that the Xbox One servers will be separate from those where PC, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 users play.

Not only that, but it won't be even possible to copy your characters from PC or PlayStation accounts over.

DC Universe Online, for those not familiar with it, is an action based MMORPG set in the popular world created by DC Comics. It was originally released five years ago and it's still being regularly updated with new content; a set of water based powers will be released this year, for example.

The game is completely free to play, so you can try it at any time. Check out the new official website for more information.

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