DayZ Runs at 1080P@50/60 on Xbox One X, Will Support 4K@30; Crossplay with PC Is ‘Unlikely’


Earlier this year, Bohemia Interactive confirmed that DayZ would definitely launch on Microsoft's Xbox One console this year, whether on the Game Preview program or with a full release.

During the ongoing Game Developers Conference 2018, Bohemia showcased an early build of DayZ running on the console to the press, as you can briefly see in the tweet below.

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This sparked several follow-up questions from the community, some of which were answered. For instance, it was confirmed that the current build is already 'peaking' at 50-60 frames per second when running at 1080p resolution on Xbox One X, and there are plans to support 4K resolution with 30 frames per second as well. The big question mark remains, of course, the performance of the original Xbox One model - if we had to guess, 900 or 1080p at 30fps seems a likely target.

While crossplay may be all the rage for online games these days, Bohemia said that it's unlikely DayZ on Xbox One will enable playing with PC gamers. The developers clarified that it's not a technical issue, but they fear it might cause imbalanced gameplay, probably referring to the eternal mouse and keyboard versus gamepad conundrum - after all, the game is still fundamentally a shooter albeit of the survival kind.

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The PlayStation 4 version is being worked on as well, and those looking for more details on that can stay tuned and expect some information shortly, according to another tweet.

Finally, if you've been waiting for DayZ to get modding support on PC, Bohemia said it should be available when the game reaches Beta status later this year - though not necessarily with the first Beta build.

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