Latest Days Gone PC Update 1.05 Packs Graphical and Performance Improvements

Days Gone PC update 1.05

Days Gone PC update 1.05 has been released on Steam, packing graphical and performance improvements.

The patch is a minor one but still, it includes some welcome improvements to motion blur trails, crashes, and mouse and keyboard/gamepad input. In addition, the new PC patch addresses some UI alignment issues.

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You’ll find the official release notes, as supplied by Sony Bend, down below:

Days Gone PC Update 1.05 Release Notes


Graphical Improvements

  • Fixed motion blur trails from the back of the bike when riding

Performance Improvements

  • Fixed simultaneous mouse and keyboard/gamepad input conflicting with rolling/sprinting actions
  • Fixed problems with turning in bounties or meat, while also unable to properly interact at other vendors
  • Crash fixes

Other Changes

  • Fixed alignment issues with UI elements in 16:10 format

Days Gone is available now globally on PC and PlayStation 4 (PS5 as well through backward compatibility). The zombie survival action-adventure was originally released for Sony’s console back in 2019. The game launched on PC back in April of this year. Our very own Alessio Palumbo reviewed the PlayStation version upon release and praised its visuals, plot, and combat.

Beyond the story missions, there's plenty to do here. Roaming the gorgeous countryside (more on that later) is very useful, as one would expect from a post-apocalyptic game, mainly to scavenge all sorts of materials. These can be found both in abandoned homes and abandoned cars and are required to craft items (which happens on the fly, as in The Last of Us) such as bandages, Molotovs, bombs, not to mention repairing the bike or melee weapons with scraps. Deacon will also need to keep tabs on his bike's fuel gauge, which can be refilled at gasoline stations or via the gasoline cans scattered throughout the areas. You wouldn't want to be stranded in the middle of nowhere without fuel.

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