Days Gone Alternate Playthrough Shows How Weather Can “Significantly Impact The Experience”


Sony has released an alternate playthrough demo for Days Gone, which was shown behind closed doors during this year’s E3 event.

During Sony’s E3 conference this year, a playthrough for the game was shown off, but apparently, a different one was shown off to a select amount of people was as well.

Days Gone dev Bend Studio Confirms Mutliplayer and Open-World Systems for Their Next Game

The alternate playthrough demo that has now been released is accompanied by some developer commentary from the game’s creative director and focuses on Days Gone’s changing weather, time-of-day, and play style. Check out the alternate playthrough below:

All of these features work together to create a dynamic, open-world experience. When Deacon rides out to save his friend, the weather, time-of-day, dynamic events, and playstyle preferences can change the experience pretty dramatically. In the Media Showcase demo, Deacon weaponizes a Swarm and uses it to attack the Marauder camp, while in the alternate-path demo, he goes in guns blazing. And these aren’t the only ways to play it.

What if you wanted to try to stealth the entire camp? What if you had a sniper rifle, a lot of ammo, and a perch way up on the bridge near that waterfall? What if you wanted to ride through the camp on your Drifter Bike, tossing Molotovs left and right? How you play is up to you.

Alongside the new video, Sony also provided some details that Bend Studio released for the upcoming title.

Weather and time-of-day: Snow will impact your ability to ride the Drifter Bike, cold makes Freakers stronger; rain can dampen sound, but brings more Freakers out during the day; night brings out even more Freakers and changes the behaviors of Marauders, and more.

Survival Vision: You can focus on the environment around you to discover tracks, clues, and resources.

Crafting: You can find all sorts of things in the open world which can be used to craft items both useful and deadly.

Traps: Creating and placing traps — used in conjunction with our distraction mechanic — is an important part of our strategic sandbox combat.

Dynamic Events: You have to be cautious and vigilant to avoid ambushes, traps, and other hazards.


Days Gone is slated for a release on PlayStation 4, but a release date hasn’t been provided. We’ll keep you updated.